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Selma Vukotic


Tel: 408-421-1833

We believe in...

We believe in clear, well-organized spaces free of the inessential, with an inherent sense of order to them. The result is an environment that provides an affirming atmosphere of well-being, empowering its inhabitants to be and do.


We believe that we must touch, tread, and give and take respectfully, genuinely honoring what must be honored. We are accountable to nature; people; the environment; material resources; past, existing, and future conditions; and what is required in creating the new. All things and all decisions are interconnected. We are appreciative of this and want to work towards a regenerative future.


We believe in spaces appropriately filled with light, connecting us with the outdoors and the inside. We deeply appreciate our private and public spaces: They make a statement, are welcoming, have the right temperature, and are saturated with a fresh air quality. We also yearn to have control over these factors in an easy, effortless, cost-effective, and dependable way. 

We believe in an honest bottom-line approach, empowering our team members to be consistently well informed and able to make appropriate and educated decisions in an efficient manner. This has earned us a reputation for reliability and trust. 

Our environment impacts us, whether gathering around the table, meeting in the board room, or sitting peacefully in solitude. We want to feel revitalized.


The language we use leads, inspires, communicates, and creates. Words are powerful, so too is design when it has been created wisely and artistically, with these fabric elements interwoven into their assembly, made into a tangible whole, its essence filling the space it claims, making us present and moving us onward.


At VAC we listen to our clients, highlighting their wants and needs: Their vision is important to us. We are committed to making it happen. Architecture must be relevant, so too must the tools, materials, and leadership used in its creation. At VAC, we utilize both BIM & CAD software to maximize efficiency, communication, presentation, building, and innovative design, all while keeping the client's time constraints and budget in mind. Our vision for our clients and the building's users is a created spirit of place in which to vibrantly inhabit and thrive.

Our design approach...

The successful delivery of projects is based on a highly integrated project approach. By working collaboratively with the owner and our consultants, from the signing of the contract through close-out, we are able to provide measurably more value to our clients. We consistently meet project requirements and often exceed benchmarks for quality, schedule, and budget.













Construction Documents


Cost Estimates




Construction Administration 

Field inspections


Punch List 


At VAC we value creative, out-of-the-box thinking. We operate in a modern studio format, where ideas and processes are exchanged. This team collaboration is essential to our work. We emphasize flexibility and team adjustability to every type of project. 


Keeping clients and principals closely involved in all stages of the project and paying particular attention to the clients’ needs are vital to our business image. Our staff has extensive experience in all phases of projects, including needs assessment, programming, construction document preparation, bidding assistance, and construction administration. We adopt a hands-on approach, providing swift and cost-effective solutions to everyday construction issues. 


The delivery stage involves the production of the complete construction drawings, specifications, and other documents necessary for the building department submittal, bidding, and construction of the project, prepared from the approved design development documents. If required, this phase can include the final cost estimate, the final phasing plan, and the construction schedule. At VAC, we take great accountability in providing the client a quality set of construction documents. The construction document coordination relies on a comprehensive approach. At VAC, we use BIM to coordinate among all building disciplines (electrical, structural, MEP). This project approach decreases the chance of a contactor requesting information or change orders. 


During the bidding and construction phase, the design team works closely with the client to finalize bidding documents, such documents to the prospective bidders, and make recommendations during bid awards. During project construction, we offer construction administration services, such as holding and attending preconstruction coordination meetings, weekly construction meetings, answering contractors’ request for information, assisting in any design changes upon the client’s direction, observing construction, and providing any assistance needed upon the client’s request. Our goal is to assist the contractors in any construction issues or questions they might have and to keep the project on schedule and on budget. 


From the outset of the project, we integrate the client’s team with our own. This enables us to analyze your business, culture, processes, people, and aspirations. By listening to and embracing your business, we can translate your vision into architecture that everyone is proud of.

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